Tracy McGrady Out For the Season; Yes, It's the Knee Again

For those who haven't heard the news yet, last night, Tracy McGrady told ESPN screamer/reporter Stephen A. Smith that he will be missing the rest of the season because he is having microfracture surgery on his troublesome left knee. The Rockets are refusing to comment on the story.

The Rockets should be used to no T-Mac by now, however, as he missed most of January because of this knee. This is the same knee on which he had arthroscopic surgery after last season, and he's never fully recovered. He's only the Rockets third leading scorer this season as he's averaging only 15.6 points per game when he's been able to play. He's also averaged only 4.4 rebounds per game and 5.0 assists per game while shooting a career low 39 percent from the floor. I guess this means the Rockets can forget about that T-Mac for Vince Carter trade I heard the radio voices so breathlessly discussing yesterday.

This is turning into a season of major disappointment for the Rockets as not only have they had to deal with the T-Mac injury circus, but they've also had to deal with the disappoint that has been the big off-season acquisition of Ron Artest which hasn't exactly panned out as Artest has also suffered from injuries and an inability to find a proper role on the team. And isn't also about time for the yearly Yao Ming injury?

As it stands, the Rockets are currently ranked fifth in the NBA's Western Conference playoff standings, which is all nice and dandy because eight teams from each conference makes the playoffs. But the Rockets are only up three games on ninth place Phoenix.

It's all going to work out though because according to the New York Times, the best player in basketball is Shane Battier. Battier, playing 31.9 minutes per game nearly matches T-Mac in every number as he shoots 38 percent from the field while grabbing 4.8 rebounds per game and dishing out 2.1 assists. Of course, Battier only scores 6.4 points per game, can't create his own shot, can't dribble, and doesn't really like his teammates. But he's the best player in basketball so I'm sure this all going to work out.

Thankfully, baseball season is right around the corner and we can all get excited about the prospects of the Houston Astros...uh, when does football start?

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