Travis Elementary -- A/K/A Swine Flu Central -- Reopens

Travis Elementary's swine-flu heyday came just as the topic was losing its national cachet, but the school made the most of it -- closing completely after days of frantic parents keeping their kids home, leaving the school a ghost town.

At first HISD said a weekend scrub-down would be enough to set things right, but eventually officials threw in the towel and closed the school completely for the few remaining days of the year.

It's now re-opened, for summer school, but it's not exactly back at 100 percent.

The school is "still on bottled water, sack lunches and portable bathrooms, for now," HISD spokesman Norm Uhl says.

Portable bathrooms in the heat of a Houston summer? Sounds great!

The summer-school offerings have been expanded at the school, partly to assuage parents worried their kids might have missed something important while watching Nickelodeon at home.

"The summer school was expanded for the summer and, in addition, the school is offering academic academies for parents who feel their children need summer enrichment to make up for missed days due to swine flu," Uhl says.

Academic academies -- those are probably the best kind of academies.

Click here for some video on the reopening.

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Richard Connelly
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