Travis Elementary Gets Hit With A Wave Of...Something

The hallways are pretty empty today at Travis Elementary near the Woodland Heights. Of the 712 students there, 242 are out sick.

It can't be a Senior Skip Day, so what is up, HISD?

"Twenty-six additional students at Travis were sent home sick today bringing the total to 242," spokesman Norm Uhl tells us. "We are working closely with the City Health Department which has identified seven cases of type A (REGULAR) flu. It is suspected, however, that the majority of the students are being affected by some sort of viral illness. We do not know how many of the 242 are out due to parental concern and we understand that."

It appears that some kids have gotten the regular flu, and some parents have gotten the OHMYGOD IT'S SWINE FLU!!!! hype disease.

"I was just at the school and things at the clinic were slowing down, so we hope we are turning the corner on this," Uhl says.

Also important: "Absences during this period will not count against perfect attendance awards."

Thank God for that.

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