Trial Begins in Case of Alleged Revenge Killing
Screen shot from the "Free David Barajas" Facebook page

Trial Begins in Case of Alleged Revenge Killing

Jury selection began today in the murder trial of David Barajas, who is accused of killing a drunk driver who fatally struck Barajas' two children in Alvin in 2012.

Barajas has denied shooting Jose Banda, who allegedly ran into Barajas' 11- and 12-year-old sons "as they pushed the family's broken-down truck down a dark, narrow road just 50 miles from their home," according to Fox News.

Legal experts say prosecutors have a tough case -- "no weapon was recovered, no witnesses identified him as the shooter, and many in Barajas' community have strongly sympathized with him," according to the Fox report.

A "Free David Barajas" Facebook page has 4,219 likes.

But Banda's common-law wife, Felicia Leija, told Fox that "What [Barajas] did wasn't right. For other people to say they would have done the same don't know what you would have done." (Banda leaves behind a 2-year-old daughter who was born just months before he was killed).

Barajas' attorney said Barajas didn't own a gun, but "a search of Barajas' home found ammunition consistent with the bullet that killed Banda," according to Fox.

We'll keep you posted. This is truly a tragic story.


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