Trishana Broussard: Sex With Three East Texas Teens Nets Six Years' Prison

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A 37-year-old East Texas woman is going to prison after pleading no contest to engaging in oral sex with three teenaged boys.

On Monday, Trishana "Mama Bear" Broussard was sentenced to a six-year sentence on each of the three counts of sexual assault on a child. According to previous published reports, Broussard was alleged to have blown one of the teens in a cemetery.

Broussard will serve the sentences concurrently, and will be compelled to remain on the sex offender registry for life. She will become parole-eligible in roughly three years, after which she will likely be served with a registered-mail cease-and-desist letter from Sarah Palin's legal team over her use and besmirching of Palin's Mama Bear/Mama Grizzly handle.

We're just kidding. We think. As former Houston DJ Shoe Latif found out a while back, Palin's legal team is on some next level shit, and we don't think they'd take kindly to the prospect of a portly, Coonass chicken-hawk with a Cheshire cat mugshot going by the same handle.

(But while we're on the subject, is there a better term for female sex offenders like Broussard than "mama bears?")

Broussard initially came under suspicion in January of 2009 when a parent of one of the boys found over 100 "inappropriate" text messages to and from Mama Bear on the boy's phone. (She must have found that boy neither too young nor too old, but just right.) Some published reports that emerged around the time of her arrest alleged that she had engaged in sex with eight to ten other boys, all of whom were too embarrassed to come forth into the harsh light of an open court.

Mama Bear faced 20 years on each of the counts. In October, Angelina County District Attorney Clyde Herrington offered her the six-years concurrent plea deal that she finally accepted, but not without some drama. At first she attempted to back out, telling judge Gerald Goodwin that she felt she had been "bullied" into accepting the bargain against her best interests by an incompetent defense attorney.

According to the Lufkin Daily News, Mama Bear told the judge that she had been informed that the DA was working extra hard against her for reasons that had little to do with justice, and that he would not take kindly to any more delays in her case.

"I was told if [Clyde Herrington] missed deer season it [expletive deleted, but we'll estimate it is "fucking"] well better be worth it," she said. "That sounds to me like a [prosecutor] who is going to work twice as hard because he's missing deer season."

The judge didn't buy it, and after the prosecution threatened to take the deal off the table, Broussard changed her mind.

So all's well that ends well. Mama Bear is going to the pokey to hibernate for at least three winters, Herrington gets to alleviate Piney Woods deer oversaturation, and teenaged horn-dogs of Lufkin will no longer run the risk of the shame of being exposed as one of Broussard's victims.

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