Troubled Jail Inmate Arrested Again

Early this morning, Laura Howard was arrested with her boyfriend because they allegedly broke into a gas station and took cigarettes sometime last week.

It's been about two weeks since we published a story about Howard, who was first arrested last year after a suicide attempt at her home and ended up spending about four months in the Harris County jail.

Howard was without psych meds for a large portion of her stay, unless she traded food for pills with inmates, and she quickly deteriorated. After Howard told her mother that she would kill herself in jail, Ellington spoke with a judge - unrelated to her case - who intervened and had Howard removed.

The judge who handled Howard's case kept her on probation, however, and told her that if she broke it - she had about six months left - she would go back to jail for a long time.

According to Ellington, Howard's probation officer is going to ask that Howard be sent to a treatment facility. "She deserves to be punished for what she did, it's just the type of punishment," Ellington tells Hair Balls. "I don't care if it's longer, but just not in that jail system."

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