Troy Aikman Doing Dancing With The Stars

Rejoice, Cowboy fans -- the last quarterback to lead you to a Super Bowl is going on Dancing with the Stars.

Troy Aikman has confirmed to TMZ -- who ambushed him outside a restaurant to get the answer to this pressing questions -- that he will follow in the slightly swishy and bizarre shoes of Tom DeLay.

Aikman has already effed up, TMZ reports, by defying the Holy Writ of DWTS procedure:

"It's pretty unusual for a celeb to spill the beans before ABC makes its official announcement ... so if he was being serious, there might be some hell to pay down the line," TMZ reports.

Ooooh!! The wrath of Dancing with the Stars!!

DWTS seems to have a thing for former Dallas Cowboys; Michael Irvin was on the show recently. He did not wear a mink coat, appear with strippers and have coke pasted to his nose, we assume (We don't watch the show ourselves.)

Aikman said he didn't know who his partner would be on the show. We're sure Skip Bayless will speculate that it will be a dude.

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