Killed during a traffic stop.
Killed during a traffic stop.

Troy Allen Randle, 45, Biker Killed by Allegedly Drunk Driver. Bayou Body Count No. 67

A drunk driver slammed into a motorcyclist who was in the midst of a traffic stop and killed him, Houston police say.

Monson Durham, 43, faces charges of intoxication manslaughter.

Troy Allen Randle, 45, was on his Kawasaki about 12:45 this morning when cops began a traffic stop on Yellowstone's southbound entrance ramp to 288, HPD says.

They told Randle to proceed to a safer place for the stop.

"It was then that a Chevrolet Z71 truck drove up from behind, sideswiped the officers' patrol vehicle and then struck the motorcycle," HPD says. "The impact ejected the driver (Durham) of the truck and killed the motorcyclist."

Durham was treated but was found to be above the legal limit, police say.

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