Trump Campaign's Houston Headquarters Appears Not to Exist

Donald Trump's campaign is often criticized for lacking a good ground game, but the situation here in Houston may be taking it to a new level. Despite online listings that show a Trump campaign headquarters as being located in southwest Houston, there doesn’t appear to actually be a headquarters located at that address – or anywhere else in the city.

On various unofficial pages for the Trump Houston campaign headquarters and for Texas For Trump – which appears to be the Texas arm of the Trump campaign – the HQ is listed as being located at 3210 Bingle, in Suite 200. (“Unofficial Facebook pages” are not created by or affiliated with the organizations or places they represent, but are generated whenever Facebook users show a demand for a page. The Houston Press couldn't find any official Facebook page associated with the headquarters or any Houston arm of the Trump campaign.) However, when we went to 3210 Bingle, we found only a sign taped to the door that read, “Trump headquarters is no longer at this location. The website is incorrect. No we do not know where they are now located.”

And then, in tiny type, “Apologies for the inconvenience.”

The Houston headquarters was at least operating back in December, as the Texas for Trump Facebook page has an album of photos that look as if they were taken inside the 3210 Bingle building. An employee of another business in the building, Julie Calo, said that the Trump staffers had packed up and left when their lease ran out in March – which was also when the Texas primaries ended. She didn't have any contact info for anyone associated with the campaign, but she said that people come into her office looking for the Trump headquarters at least once a week.

Back in October, at least one Facebook user tried to visit the Bingle headquarters and found nothing.

We left a message at the phone number listed on a Facebook page for the headquarters, but have not heard back as of press time. We also called the number listed on Texas for Trump's Facebook page – the organization is apparently based in Austin – but only got an answering machine. Links on the Trump campaign website that supposedly take viewers to a page for “Texas” result only in a blank screen. (Texas is not one of the states listed on the campaign homepage.)

Houston is not the only Texas city with a seemingly nonexistent Trump headquarters. In February, CulureMap Austin reported that the address for Trump's Austin headquarters actually belonged to a mailbox in a UPS Store.

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