Trying to Put Humpty Dumpty Together Again in Galveston

Got a historic photo that shows what Galveston looked like before Hurricane Ike came through town? How about any documents pertaining to commercial or residential properties on the island?

The Galveston Historical Foundation is putting out the word that anyone in possession of either of these things should make his way to the foundation's Preservation Resource Center open on every Saturday in January from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Architectural Salvage Warehouse, 908 23rd Street.

Your precious memories will be scanned and entered into the center's archives to be "safe from loss and available to researchers and homeowners. Originals will be returned."

The Preservation Resource Center knows more than a little bit about trying to keep up with changes in geography. It used to be located on the first floor of the 1861 Custom House at 502 20th Street.

But more than five feet of Ike storm surge took out many of its books and documents and it has relocated to the second floor of the salvage warehouse. For more information, call Matt Farragher at 409-750-9108.

- Margaret Downing

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