TSU Gets Some Good News: It's Off Probation

You don't often hear too much good news coming out of Texas Southern University; usually it's a drumbeat of overspending presidents, chaotic finances, infighting or whatever other educational scandals can be thought up.

So we should let them revel in what -- for most schools -- wouldn't be anything to brag about: They're accredited!!

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (Motto: Our Name Is Longer Than Yours) has taken TSU off probation. That " means the university retains its full accreditation," TSU's Eva Pickens says.

"This is significant for everyone studying and working at Texas Southern, for alumni around the world and for potential students contemplating spending their college days at Texas Southern," stated Dr. John M. Rudley, Texas Southern's president.

SACSI put TSU on probation for a whole bunch of financial-related reasons.

Getting off probation isn't quite as sexy as the freespending, partying reign of former president Priscilla Slade, but we guess it's a start.

One of many, many "starts" the eternally troubled school has made. We can only hope this one takes.

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Richard Connelly
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