Tuesday Morning Quarterbacking: John McClain, Coach Fran and Mike Sherman

So the Aggies went out and replaced Coach Fran with Mike Sherman. I’m not going to get into the coaching merits of Mike Sherman, although I do have to wonder just what it is that colleges see in Texan offensive coordinators. Do they even bother watching Texan games?

I just want to get into something that I heard on the radio Sunday morning, before the hiring was official.

The Chron’s NFL expert, John McClain, was doing his bit on the 610 radio show and he was asked about Sherman and the Aggie job. He was asked if Sherman’s GM/coaching gig at Green Bay should have any relevance on the Aggies decision.

McClain answered that it didn’t matter because Sherman’s problem was with personnel decisions, and with free agency, and that this shouldn’t be a problem at the A&M job. (Unfortunately, I don’t have a link to this; I’m just remembering what I heard on the radio.)

Now here’s where I’m confused. Sherman’s going to be the head coach of a major college football program. He’s going to be deciding what high school players from across the country to recruit. And aren’t high school players kind of an equivalent to NFL free agents? They’re the ones deciding where they’re going to play. So shouldn’t Sherman’s experience with NFL free agents be of some relevance? And since, in a couple of years, the Aggie squad will be all players recruited by Sherman, shouldn’t his experience evaluating NFL personnel also be of some relevance?

I don’t know whether Sherman’s going to work out as Aggie coach or not. I don’t care. Though the worse the Aggies do, the better I like it. But I think it’s just kind of stupid to say that his work as an NFL coach isn’t relevant to whether he’ll work out as a college coach.

Then again, I’m not The General. – John Royal

P.S.: Oh, and Aggie fan, Richard Justice loves the move. But remember, he loved the Coach Fran hiring also, so his judgment is probably a little lacking.

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