Courtesy Houston Zoo
Tupelo says move over, Baylor

Tupelo: New Baby Elephant To Challenge Baylor's Cuteness Crown

Mere months after winning the epic

Houston Zoo Cute-Off,

Baylor the baby elephant is seeing his reign challenged by the arrival of Tupelo, an equally cute -- and younger -- rival.

Such us the hard life of the jungle. Or the zoo.

Tupelo entered the world at a svelte 273 pounds Sunday, meaning Mom Tess is probably already up and looking for love again.

Tupelo is a girl, by the way, and arrives about five months after Baylor.

This has been an incredible year for the elephant team at the Houston Zoo," said Large Mammal Curator Daryl Hoffman. "Elephant births in zoos are rare with maybe 3 or 4 a year. To have two births in a span of [five] months speaks volumes about the caliber of care the Houston Zoo provides for the elephants that live here."

The Zoo will keep Tess and Tupelo, both Asian elephants, under close watch for a while, meaning the McNair Asian Elephant Habitat is temporarily closed to the public.

Once the experts see signs that the two are "bonding and comfortable," the public will be allowed to see them.

At which point Cute-Off crown holder Baylor should begin getting very, very nervous.

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