Turkey Day Forecast: Mild and Dry, Could the Drought Be Back?

If you hadn't really noticed, it's been really dry lately in Texas. Not the levels of dry we experienced in 2011, but rain has been in pretty short supply and our area of the state is creeping back toward drought conditions. Now, we mostly don't care because it's fall and dry, cool weather is just fine. But, we do need to start seeing some more rain soon.

In fact the U.S. Drought Monitor service has Harris County and the surrounding area listed in moderate drought conditions. In fact, only extreme eastern Texas an a portion of west Texas are not under some form of drought conditions at the moment and both the high plains and lower valley are in extreme drought conditions. It's not good out there. For better or worse, this week remains incredibly dry and that includes Thanksgiving.

A pretty strong batch of cold air descended into the Lone Star state last week bringing temperatures in the 60s during the day and into the low 40s at night. This week will see a gradual warming trend before we get hit with another blast of cold air being forecast early next week. That could bring with it rain and highs only in the 50s. It's still a way off, so we'll stick with what we have now for the moment.

Like a typical Houston autumn, beautiful conditions should continue through the week into the holiday. Thanksgiving should be cloudy with highs in the mid-70s -- not exactly typical cold weather if you are wanting to feel in the holiday spirit, but nice nevertheless. If you are heading downtown to the parade, the morning should be in the 60s and cloudy, so very comfortable. It should drop down into the low to mid 50s overnight Friday, so if you are camping out like a lunatic on Black Friday in front of Walmart or Best Buy, bring a jacket and try not to trample anyone.

And, hey, if you are making the trek to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, something that I watched every year as a kid, but has turned into a lip sync festival of lame dance performances and Disney hell, it should be absolutely beautiful and chilly in the Big Apple with temps in the 40s and clear skies at parade time.

Overall, a pretty nice forecast for the holiday week, but we really do need some rain soon.

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