Julia Walsh
It's tastier than it looks...

Turkish Delight

And now we present "What's in Robb's Refrigerator?", where we ask food critic Robb Walsh what's growing in his Sub-Zero:

Looks like some leftover alinazik from Instanbul Grill on Morningside. Alinazik means eggplant puree. This one is mixed up with yogurt and ground meat, so technically it should be called alinazik kebabi, but hey, whatev.

It tastes like Greek moussaka that's been through the blender. In the Southeastern Anatolian region of Turkey, they eat this stuff hot or at room temperature with pita bread.

Personally, I prefer it refrigerator temperature, straight out of the Styrofoam box, on tortilla chips or saltine crackers. Cold beer is the perfect accompaniment. -- Robb Walsh

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