Turns Out Sisyphus Actually Had It Pretty Easy

In our never-ending quest to report all the news that happens within one block of our building, we now present a photo essay by Abrahan Garza, documenting what has to be the City of Houston’s fifth or sixth attempt to repair a grate across from the Houston Press building.

So yesterday, the guy arrives...

...and, ahem, fixes the problem.

He drops off some barricades and hits the road. (Pun totally intended.)

A job well done! Or so it would seem.

But today he returns with reinforcements...

...and decides on a spiffy metal plate that is really freakin' loud every single freakin' time someone freakin' runs over it. Especially freakin' buses. So loud. So, so loud.

Tune in next week for the application of another grate -- to be followed, no doubt, by another metal plate.

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