TUTS At Ikea: It's The Final Countdown, Whether You Want It Or Not

Ikea, some type of foreign store that tried to pollute Houston airwaves with porn, had its grand-renovation reopening yesterday.

For a certain segment of the buying public, this was a very big deal.

So big, that kids from TUTS's Academy, part of the Humphreys School of Musical Theater, decided to jump on the still-trendy(?) flash-mob musical train and entertain/baffle the storegoers.

Their choice of song? Europe's "The Final Countdown."

Here it is:

To be sure, in terms of flash-mob music, it doesn't rank up there with this:

On the other hand, in terms of "Final Countdown" renditions, it's better than this:

Its The Final Countdown - Watch more Funny Videos

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