TUTS Brings Back Les Miz, Yet Again

Theatre Under the Stars has dropped its production of

Meet Me in St. Louis

for the time being. Apparently, it’s just not as big a deal as the opportunity to put on

Les Miserables

. Again.

TUTS is one of only a few companies recently granted permission to stage the musical, which ran on Broadway for 16 years, closed in 2003, was revived, and closed again last January. With no current Broadway or touring production, TUTS was able to get the rights to the show, which won’t be available again until 2013.

According to TUTS marketing director David Greiss, patrons have been clamoring for Les Mis for years. And the show might not look like what fans saw a few years ago when Broadway in Houston presented the national touring production. “You’ve seen the set with the turntable and you’ve seen it four times,” says Greiss. “This may look different, and that’s exciting for us.”

The key words there might be "four times." TUTS has been criticized for its tepid, safe taste in choosing what to put on stage.

And what about poor Meet Me in St. Louis? Greiss says TUTS still plans to put it on, but in the next season or two.

Cathy Matusow

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