TV Party Tonight: Between the Lines with Me

For the past two months I have been filming short two-minute clips for KIAH's "Newsfix," their new nightly news and entertainment hour at 9 p.m. The first edition of "Newsfix" aired on Saturday night, and my first segment aired on Sunday night just as I was returning home from SXSW in Austin.

"Between the Lines" is meant to be an outgrowth (ew) of what I do on the Hair Balls, Art Attack and Rocks Off blogs here at the Houston Press. Topics in the can so far range from teen sexting, gym etiquette, the idiocy of Hollywood sequels and remakes, to the fact that I still haven't received that big call-up to Astros spring training.

Tonight's segment I jump into road rage in Houston. From what I hear from KIAH, they may have had to use the infamous "bleep" button. What? The guy in front of me cut me off without using his blinker.

This is a clip from Sunday's debut segment, about my proposed adult version of spring break, dubbed "Sleep Break." According to my grandmother, I am the first person from my hometown of Pearland to use the word "hell" as a curse word and talk about marijuana on television.

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