TV Party: With The Shuttle Gone, Whither Space City?

On the latest "Between The Lines" segment on CW 39's Newsfix, I unloaded about the horror of Houston not receiving a space shuttle, now that the NASA program is over with. Hopefully Florida, Washington, D.C., and New York will make do with these retired spacecraft.

It's not like any of the families of the fallen astronauts who died in the Challenger and the Columbia disasters would want to have a piece of their family history in the city in which their loved ones worked and lived, right? A friend of mine the other day made an interesting point when it comes to shuttles though.

He made the assertion that all the rockets that NASA currently has on display in Clear Lake are infinitely better than the "glorified Winnebagos" that took our astronauts into space to do experiments and whatever else has been going on since the shuttle program started. We don't fully agree, but it may be the only consolation we as Houstonians have.

We can understand Washington getting a shuttle, since the Smithsonian has so many other artifacts of human flight, on earth and above. Florida makes sense, but they already have tons of stuff, with Cape Canaveral. But New York almost has nothing to do with the NASA story, other than maybe a media connection. Regardless, Chuck Schumer can kiss all of our Texas asses.

"Fuggedaboutit," this is one slight that Houston cannot just forgive.

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Craig Hlavaty
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