Twilight: Celina ISD just wants to save your from "Team Edward" geekdom, kids

Twilight, Cleavage, Drugs & Wiccans: Five Highlights From Texas' Banned-Books List

As we noted

earlier today

, things are generally looking up in the banned-book department, especially in the Houston area.

But the latest annual report by the ACLU of Texas does contain some stuff that shouldn't be ignored.

Five highlights:

5. Among the books that were restrricted: Idiot's Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft, by the Corpus Christi ISD, which reclassified as "religious." We have to say we agree with this. You don't want young Corpus kids growing up to be masturbation-hating Tea Party Senate candidates, after all.

4. Banned for Canutillo ISD middle schoolers: Eight Seconds by Jean Farris ). We're guessing it describes a successful ending to a junior-prom date.

3. Banned for "nudity or sexual content" by Cuero ISD: Time-Life Magazine. We didn't know there was a magazine called Time-Life, but apparently we need to get out to more adult bookstores.

2. Retained by Cy-Fair despite  protests: Crystal Meth & Other Amphetamines by Karla Fitzhugh. The publisher apparently read How to Get Parents to Try to Ban Your Book.

1. Retained for middle schoolers in Hays ISD: The True Meaning of Cleavage by Mariah Fredericks. Because if there's one thing middle school boys are interested in, it's the true meaning of cleavage. Not that false "as long as it's cleavage, who cares?" school of thought.

Bonus: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, an alternate book allowed to be substituted in Celina ISD. Thereby avoiding a life of severe geekdom.

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