That picture? It's San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge -- as seen from space. Note the shadow.

Astronaut Souichi Noguchiis Twitpic-ing his way in orbit, sharing his photos on one of them there social-media things.

He's also Twittering non-picture stuff, although to be honest "De-gassing of the portable water bags are complete. Now, on to the treadmill!" is not really thrilling stuff.

Twitpics From Space!! Twitpics From Space!!

Noguchi is a Japanese astronaut and is up on the International Space Station until May, so it's not like he's got anything better to do.

Here's a shot of Port-au-Prince, three weeks after the earthquake.

Noguchi doesn't seem to have taken any shots of Houston yet. Still, it might make sense to wave, just in case, whenever the ISS

crosses our sky


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