Twitter Dumbness: Trent Cantrell, Former Lufkin City Planner, Resigns After Sour Tweets About Town

Even if you really, really hate the town whose government is signing your paychecks, you might want to keep those thoughts to yourself. If you absolutely must Tweet your opinions on the matter, only let your friends see 'em. Former Lufkin city planner Trent Cantrell didn't take those precautions, and now he's out of a job.

Cantrell's tenure in the East Texas lumber town began in April 2009 and it ended Wednesday when city officials publicly confronted him about some derogatory comments dug up on the Internet by the Lufkin Daily News.

A few months back, Cantrell had this to say:

"Hello there. Just waiting for the heat to leave for good. Of course, Deep East Texas will still be a (expletive) hole."

And last month, he opined that "Lufkin is an armpit. I know (...) I have to live here temporarily."

"We don't condone this, and we regret that one of our employees feels that way," assistant city manager Keith Wright told the Daily News. "We think our city is a great place to live, a great environment and a great place to have a family."

The incriminating Tweets have been taken down and Cantrell's account is now set to "protected." According to his Facebook profile, Cantrell is a fan of Widespread Panic, Phish, Willie Nelson and the Grateful Dead, so he seems a little too "laid-back" (you dig, man?) for this meth-drenched corner of Texas.

Facebook also tells us Cantrell once worked as a city planner in the utterly charmless Dallas suburb of Frisco. Say what you want about Lufkin, and we've said plenty, but we'd sure as shit rather be working there than Frisco, Texas.

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John Nova Lomax
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