Twitter Fail Guarantee: Any Tweet With The Word "Hubby"

Twitter fail comes in many many forms, but there is one guaranteed way of achieving it: use the word "hubby" in your tweet.

It's guaranteed to therefore be either sickly sweet, TMI or boring. And often it will include an emoticon.

Here's a sampling just from the last hour or so:

@momfiles aww, my hubby just sent me a text saying he loves spending time with me. So sweet!


Princess rose from hubby. Aww.


Me & hubby are going to see 'Inception' today!!! :D

@bookmachine keeping it simple today. kids watching pbs. me reading. maybe an errand. hiding from the heat. hubby home tonight.


just passed the park in town where my hubby and I used to hang out when we first fell on love :) awww...


Went on a date with my hubby last night. I forgot how much I liked him. When was the last time you had a date with your partner?


At the airport headed to ATL for the week, miss my hubby already :(


I love my hubby!


Off to gave lunch with my hubby and kids. I get to go to Olive Garden YAYAYAYAY. I LOVE MY HUBBY AND KIDS

Oy. Oy. Oy.

We prefer this guy's take:


#TheTypeOfWomanIWant , after we're married won't call me "hubby"....fu*k am I? 6?

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