Twitter Follow Friday -- Antonio Cromartie (@A_Cromartie31)

"I don't give a who about Ray Lewis or @ddockett talking about what I said. There's 10's of thousand ppl who will lose jobs. They taking our healthcare away and for players that have surgery can't even get rehab once March 3rd gets here." -- New York Jets defensive back Antonio Cromartie on Twitter

If you're not following Antonio Cromartie on Twitter, then you're missing out on a focal point of what will surely be an intriguing storyline as we roll into collective bargaining season in the NFL -- the simmering conflict between players who need the paycheck (BADLY) and those who can ride out the storm.

I blogged extensively on this topic earlier this week, shedding some light on the fairly widely known reasons (all nine of them) why Antonio Cromartie would want a work stoppage to be minimized or avoided altogether.

In short, nine kids, eight baby mommas, six states, one big need for cash.

In an attempt to appear unified, Ray Lewis and Darnell Dockett came out and blasted Cromartie, backing union chief DeMaurice Smith and telling anyone within earshot that the players are all in lockstep and Cromartie is essentially just one rogue soldier.

Cromartie's response to Lewis and Dockett (transcribed at the top of this post) is not what drove me to follow Cromartie on Twitter.

His response to Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck did.

If you missed it, Hasselbeck got a tad more biting, a tad more insulting with his shot across Cromartie's bow than Lewis and Dockett, dragging basic English language skills into the argument:

Somebody ask Cromartie if he knows what CBA stands for.

Cromartie reacted like you would expect him to react if someone called into question his basic command of the English language (or asked him to have protected sex). He flipped the fuck out....

hey Matt if u have something to then say it be a man about it. Don't erase it. I will smash ur face in.

Perhaps realizing that the smashing of his face now graced the to-do list of someone who had just challenged Ray Lewis (who may or may not have killed somebody eleven years ago) and Darnell Dockett (not a murderer except of the English language, but still a big dude) to a fight, Hasselbeck turtled, tweeting the following to Cromartie:

Sorry for the joke man. No hard feelings. DB's & QB's have a hard time getting along I guess sometimes. lol.

If Hasselbeck had any balls, he'd have tweeted back to Cromartie "I see your Twitter page says you're a 'husband and father'. Couldn't you have put 'father' in a font nine times bigger?"

But Hasselbeck is unfortunately ball-less. I'm guessing Cromartie isn't seeing the humor, despite Hasselbeck's apparent contention that his tweet to Cromartie was "laugh out loud" funny. Soon enough we will find out, because Antonio Cromartie (a) is angry, (b) needs money and (c) has a penis Twitter account and he's not afraid to use it.

And for that reason, you should follow him. As long as you're not an ovulating woman, you should be okay.

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