Twitter Reacts (Not So) Calmly To Matt Schaub's OT Pick-Six

Daggers to the heart don't come much more suddenly than the one Matt Schaub's pick-six delivered to Texan fans last night.

Reliant Stadium was trembling on its foundations, a comeback for the ages was on its way, the playoffs were still a possibility, and.....3.5 seconds later it was all stunned silence.

Except on Twitter, of course.

We can't go all the way back to the key moment via Twitter's search, so we don't have all the "AAAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!" etc. that no doubt eloquently testified to Houston's horror, but we can pick things up in the immediate post-game atmosphere.

It ain't pretty, if you're a Schaub fan (are there any out there today?)

@6Albert Alberto Álvarez Damn it Schaub!

@rj_flyguy Matt Schaub gonna get jumped in the parking lot....stupid but boy!!!!

@bly_12 I HATE Matt Schaub. Hate him.... #Goodbyefantasyfootball

@ jscritch23 RT @fauxjohnmadden: Even Carson Palmer was impressed by that Matt Schaub Pick 6@

@E_Foley52 Dear Matt Schaub, I hate you. Almost as much as I hate the Ravens. You ruined my night. I can't write this paper. Suck it.

@astelos MISSING PERSON ALERT: Who: Matt Schaub Last Seen: The Clutch RETWEET

@strokerjr03 Lol !!! RT @SmoothGuyJello: dang Matt Schaub. lol. way to go #NEEDLEDICK!! lol.

@BigRedinTejas Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go slam my hand in my car door... Also, fuck you Matt Schaub. #Drades

@CountItsvan Brett Favre throw's a game losing interception he is a gunslinger and a legend. Matt Schaub's throws one he is just fucking Matt Schaub.

@fresh_bagels why can't andre johnson and matt schaub and the rest of that god-forsaken team just play well for more than 2 consecutive quarters fuckkkkkk

@gstatesflyest01 I STILL cant believe Schaub MAAANNNNN!!!!!! #Texans got next game tho! Im goin to B.E.D.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.