Twitter That There Dove Hunt, With TPWD's Help

You bag yourself a nice impressive set of doves in a kill-or-be-killed situation, what's the first thing you want to do? Tweet the ever-living shit out of it, of course.

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department understands this. That's why they're premiering new Twitter and Facebook doohickeys just in time for dove season.

To encourage discussions among hunters and hopefully foster better communication between TPWD and some of its prime constituents, the department is going to be reaching out to the public through social media.

The department hopes to see, and share, reports from hunters on how they're doing on the first day of dove season, on through the weekend and beyond.

Is 140 characters enough to get such important messages across? We wonder

@GWBUSH43 -- Got me a dove, or a protected-by-law killdeer, not sure which #likeigiveashit

@GWBUSH43 -- just kidding. I'm not running for anything anymore, so my dove-hunting days are over

@billwhiteforTX -- If there is anything finer than practicing your God-given 2nd amendment rights on doves, I am unaware of it.

@GovRickPerry -- Until my opponent releases his hunting license paperwork, I refuse to discuss whether or not I bagged any killdeers or coyotes

@GovRickPerry -- I will say, though, that word has apparently gotten out in the coyote community abt me. they're laying low

@TxDoveKillah --  Only thing better than blasting a dove? Having "Thunderstruck" on blast in the erabuds as ur doin it

@TxDoves -- Help. HELP. HEELLLL

@HillCountryDove -- Mourning the loss of a good man. At least he went out with "Thunderstruck" in the air

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