On Anniversary of Columbine, Two Clear Brook HS Students Threaten Shooting

Two Clear Brook High School students were arrested Thursday after threatening to shoot up the school—on the 18th anniversary of the Columbine school shooting.

Just as school was starting, around 7:20 a.m., the teens were pulled out of class. And by 8:45 a.m. they were arrested by the Galveston County Sheriff's Office. One of the teens had told several students not to come to school Thursday because at 10:30 he was "going to honor his heroes, the 'Columbine Shooters,'" according to the Harris County District Attorney's Office, which is reviewing charges. The teen had posted a photo on social media showing himself pointing a pistol at two schoolmates in the hallway.

The second teen also made social media threats, warning kids the night before not to attend school in the morning because he planned to shoot it up, according to the DA's office. He posted a video with a gun, saying he was "practicing for tomorrow's shooting in his room." According to the DA's office he also told the assistant principal he was practicing for the shooting.

Clear Brook High School, which is located in Friendswood, enlisted extra security as a precautionary measure, Principal Michele Staley said in a statement released to parents earlier today.

"I realize this news may be unsettling, but please be assured that your children are safe at school and this matter is being handled expeditiously," she said.

In 1999, just outside of Denver, two shooters in black trench coats opened fire on the hallways and classrooms of Columbine High School, leaving 13 people dead and injuring more than 20 others before killing themselves in the school library.

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