Two More Nights of Freezing Temperatures to Go

A whole lot less of this in the coming days.
A whole lot less of this in the coming days. Photo by Jack Gorman
As Houston and the entire state of Texas are reeling from a combination of frigid Arctic air, failing energy infrastructure and water pressure issues, there is a rather warm light at the end of what has felt like an extremely long tunnel. The Houston area faces another couple nights of temperatures below freezing before a warm up and a reprieve from winter.

Thursday will be cold and gray with temperatures only getting into the mid 30s for much of the area. By late in the day, the clouds should part making way for a little sunshine, but that will allow for more cold, dry air to work its way into the city. Overnight, we should drop into the low 20s with areas north of the city possibly getting into the teens again.

Because the freeze is expected to last 10-12 hours, don't uncover those plants yet. We shouldn't see any additional precipitation, so icy roads probably won't be an issue, but your plants — whatever has survived — will need coverage into Saturday morning.

On Friday, we will see the sun again. For a winter day in Houston, it should be pretty spectacular in fact with highs in the 40s and clear sunny skies.

Unfortunately, we expect one more night of below freezing temperatures. Lows will be warmer than Thursday night and probably won't last as long, but temperatures in the mid to upper 20s is likely. Fortunately, that is the last we will see of anything like that for a while, hopefully until next winter if not longer.

Highs on Saturday will reach into the mid and upper 50s, positively balmy for Houston considering this past week. Sunday will get into the 60s with a chance of rain late in the day.

There is nary a hint of a freeze on the horizon and we should be in the clear and ready to assess whatever damage we have had and warm up...finally.
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