As you might've guessed, this is not the cab in question.

Two Gay Guys Kicked Out of a Cab in Downtown

A few weekends back, a fellow (whom we’ll call Scott) left South Beach with two buddies at 2:30 a.m. and got into a Yellow Cab, headed for home.

What happened after that is subject to debate, although both sides agree two of the three dudes were kicked out of the cab and stranded in the middle of downtown.

Here’s what Scott told the Houston Better Business Bureau in a written complaint:

“When the driver noticed that we were going home together, he made us leave the cab. He forcefully removed us from the cab saying that he didn't ‘want that’ in his cab. (Referring to us being gay.)”

Scott tells HouStoned that he and his buddy were kissing and doing a little groping in the back seat, but that’s it. No nudity. No kinkiness. Nothing he wouldn’t do in public.

So HouStoned gave Yellow Cab Houston (a.k.a. Greater Houston Transportation) a call, and a couple of days later President Robert Rugg called us back from out of town.

Rugg says he hasn’t had time to speak to the driver personally, but he was under the impression the driver had felt threatened in some fashion.

“Under city ordinance, if the driver does feel threatened, he does have the right to discharge a passenger,” says Rugg. “The driver’s side of the story is basically that two of the three individuals were engaging in some sort of activity and apparently he said, ‘Stop that, we’re not doing that in here,’ and the driver’s side of the story is that they threw keys at him or whatever, I dunno. At this point he felt threatened and he said to stop it and put the two out of the car and took the one guy home.”

The driver has been scheduled for counseling with customer service. Scott would like “a formal apology and an acceptable explanation offered to the media.”

We’ll let you know how that goes. – Keith Plocek

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.