Two Houston Athletes Donate Their Brains To Science

Have you ever wanted to win an award from the good folks at PETA? Well, here’s a way to do it without actually having to deal with filthy stinking animals: agree to donate your brain to science when you shuffle off this mortal coil.

PETA has awarded its Compassionate Action Award to two Houstonians -- retired boxer Maurice “Termite” Watkins and former Houston Texan Ben Lynch. As PETA states in a press release: “PETA is praising the athletes because many studies of head trauma use nonhuman primates who are caged, severely injured, then killed.”

A humble Watkins tells Hair Balls that his intent to donate his brain is but a small gesture compared to others.

“I’m not sure I should get an award for it,” he said this morning. “There are so many more people who do bigger things than me. I appreciate being honored for it, but there are so many people who have dedicated their whole life to this study.”

Watkins’s career lasted from 1974-1990, and his 61 wins included 42 knock-outs. Although he hasn’t actually filed any legal paperwork that wills his brain to science, and specifically the study of brain trauma, he says the most important people in his life are very clear about his wishes.

“My wife and family know what I want to do…it doesn’t get much stronger than that,” he said.

Lynch and his brain could not be reached for comment.

-- Craig Malisow

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.