Two Of The Seven Hazing Cheerleaders Get A Sweet Deal

Plea deals have been worked out for two of the seven Morton Ranch High cheerleaders indicted for hazing, the DAs office has announced.

Hayley Spincer Davis, 17, and Adelynn Frances Garner, 18, have agreed to a pre-trial diversion deal that will see the charges dismissed if they fulfill their obligations.

Those obligations include, the DAs office says, "performing at least 60 hours of community service work, writing a public letter of apology for the offense, obeying all laws, voluntarily testifying truthfully at any trials arising from the case, and carrying out other conditions and obligations contained in the document."

"If the two defendants successfully complete the one-year diversion program to the satisfaction of the District Attorney's Office, prosecutors will move to dismiss their criminal case in December 2009," the DAs announcement said.

The two girls were part of the crew who were charged with initiating younger students by binding their hands to lawn chairs, blindfolding them and tossing them in a pool.

There were also intimations of urine-soaked panties being placed on kids' heads, but that's not something we really want to think about.

The girls have said they made mistakes, and their parents and lawyers have called them "good kids." Good kids who throw blindfolded and binded girls into swimming pools.

No deals were announced for the other five cheerleaders.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.