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Texans DE J.J. Watt: "We Need To Hold Up Our End of the Bargain"

Preseason activities began with a series of press conferences on Tuesday at NRG Stadium.
Preseason activities began with a series of press conferences on Tuesday at NRG Stadium. Photo by Eric Sauseda
On Tuesday, the most highly anticipated season in the history of the Houston Texans (I don't think it's a reach to say that) began with a series of press conferences from some of the stars of this team. It was nice to see that J.J. Watt has two working legs again, it was nice to see Whitney Mercilus healthy and ready to go, and it was very cool to realize, once again, that "HOLY CRAP! Tyron Mathieu is a TEXAN!"

Honestly, though, my biggest realization from the parade of interviewees that the Texans marched to the podium — a process I admittedly watched play out on Twitter and the internet as I was show prepping back at the SportsRadio 610 studios —- was how much star power exists on this team. They made J.J. Watt, Tyrann Mathieu, DeAndre Hopkins, Whitney Mercilus, and Deshaun Watson available. Those are STARS.

Of course, it's what happens with the rest of the roster, specifically the offensive line, that has most Texans fans anticipating next week's draft. However, there were other issues to discuss with those five players on Tuesday. Here are the answers to some of those issues:

J.J. Watt on the added pressure of coexisting with Astros and Rockets

SP REACTION: This is always a big question on our show — how much do the Texans notice the success of the other two big teams in town, and does it factor at all into their decision making? I think you could argue that the one decision that LOOKS LIKE a quasi-reaction to the Astros' and Rockets' success is the aggressive move to get Deshaun Watson last spring, but even that transaction pre-dates the Astros winning a World Series and Chris Paul becoming a Rocket. One thing that IS certain — the Texans' PLAYERS notice that success. Hell, some of them have been sitting in the front row at Toyota Center and Minute Maid Park to watch it. If the Texans get back to the playoffs, Houston is in the running for Best Sports Town in America, without question.

Tyrann Mathieu on Bob McNair

SP REACTION: At this point, the hay is kind of in the barn with respect to McNair and how players think of him, so I don't know how much Matheiu's thoughts on McNair really help the Texans' owner at this point, but they certainly don't hurt. One thing it does reinforce is that McNair's "inmates" comment at the meeting between owners and players last year has not been nearly as impactful on free agency decisions, specifically players rejecting the Texans, as some thought it would be.

DeAndre Hopkins on Bob McNair

SP REACTION: I love DeAndre Hopkins, but I have a hard time believing that he happened to have personal issues on the same day there was a near mutiny among his teammates back at practice. Still, I love DeAndre Hopkins.

Tyron Mathieu and DeAndre Hopkins on recruiting free agent WR Dez Bryant

We covered this extensively on Monday — it appears that some of the players on the Houston Texans would love to welcome Bryant into the fold. I'm uncertain if Bill O'Brien and Brian Gaine are aware of this, or, more importantly, if they concur with it.

Hopkins on Watson, Watson on Hopkins, mutual love

Good! A nice, ready made, "talk radio" topic! So where does the duo of Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins rank among QB-pass catcher (WR or TE) duos? In terms of past accomplishments, it's pretty low, since Watson has only started six games, so let's say in terms of potential, i.e. which duo would you want on your team in 2018? I'd go with this as the short list:

Rodgers- (any Green Bay WR or TE)

Those are a handful of duos I see jockeying for the top of the pack next season.

Whitney Mercilus on Brian Cushing's departure
SP REACTION: I feel like part of the Texans' player and coach's compensation package is that they receive some sort of stipend every time they remind us that Brian Cushing was the team's "heart and soul."

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