UH-Downtown Gets Set To Vote On World's Least Necessary Name Change

Max Castillo, president of UH-Downtown, confirmed to the Houston Chronicle what he told us last month: he really, really wants to change the name of his school.

And now he's taking it online!

The school has put up on its webpage a whole collection of facts, lists, criteria and suggested names for students, staff and faculty to ponder.

Among the highlights: The "Current Name List" includes such winners as Seguin State University (Come again?), Texas Gulf Coast State University (Can we get more modifiers in there?) and University of South Texas (Which will, never, ever be confused with the South Texas College of Law).

Names "Not Available For Consideration" include a few that sound reasonable:

Downtown University of Houston, University of Downtown Houston and Houston State University all could work, but they've been rejected for various reasons.

The "Name Selection Guidelines" state the name "Must have an acronym or preferred abbreviation that is distinct and appropriate."

Sam Houston Institute of Technology? Out.

Bayou Instructional Teaching College of Houston? No.

And we guess it's obvious why Downtown University of Houston was cut. (DUH!)

UHD "constituents" will vote this week on their to five names, then there will be further discussion next week.

-- Richard Connelly

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