Courtesy of Joseph Ross, Maria Rivas, Nicolas Galan, Jennifer Roasa, V. Angelo Mazzei
A three-minute Alien Affair, eh? There's a punchline in there somewheres...

UH Filmmakers: Such Cheeky Monkeys!

There's a general nightmare that plagues just about every guy in any kind of relationship: Dude comes home, girlfriend or wife is out, and our hero finds a pregnancy test that's -- dun-dun-duuuuun -- positive. This, of course, comes after said honey swears up and down that she's been taking her pill. WTF is the guy supposed to do? (Man, I'm sweating just thinking about this...)

This little horror story is the subject of Trepidation, a short flick from some UH students that's in the running for Apple's Insomnia Film Festival. The three-minute flick is among four other UH entries in the fest, in which contestants were given 24 hours to submit a three-minute film that included at least three of some pretty darn specific requirements.

Some of the musts:

  • Required character name (at least one): "Alex Kona."
  • Required prop: ice
  • Required costume: leather jacket and sunglasses
  • Required sidekick: pet monkey
  • These are just a few of the stipulations that filmmakers can choose to include, but hell, I've already jotted down a script with the aforementioned list.

    But that's neither here nor there. Here's a short rundown of the shorts:

    Apparition : A "metamorphosis from sanity to insanity." Trepidation : The above pregnancy horror flick. Alien Affair : A poor schlub forces himself to write a book in one night to impress his platonic love. (Man, who hasn't been there?) Whiteout : One man's quest to go back in time to prevent "an act of unspeakable horror." Herman : Following the daydreams of a dogged worker on Christmas Eve.

    Each film page has a description of the process and some anecdotal stuff about the making. Pretty cool. You can log on to the main page and vote for the Coogs.

    Man, if UH wins the big Conference USA title game happening Friday and these aspiring filmmakers score big, it'd be a coup. I can say, as a UH alum, that I'd be beaming with, what's that term...? Ah, yes, "school pride." — Steven Devadanam

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    Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.