UH Getting New Logo: Our Five Suggestions (UPDATED With New Logo)

Later this morning the University of Houston will be announcing what it's calling its "new logo and marks."

The old "logo and marks" weren't exactly worn out from use, but we guess an update was needed.

UH, of course, is trying to pump life into its football program as they begin construction on a new stadium. But let's face it, the Coogs aren't really thought of as anything approaching a football powerhouse, even on the second level.

So we think the Coogs' new logo should draft off the heat of some more storied football schools. Maybe that'll help things along.

5. Notre Dame
The Fightin' Cougars!! Maybe the mojo will help either of these teams get to a BCS bowl.

4. Alabama
Sure, Cougar Red is not exactly "crimson." But it's crimson-esque.

3. Ole Miss
You gotta admit, it's a smooth fit. We're not sure this day and age is the proper time to introduce a Southern-plantation icon of the Confederacy as your school symbol, but you never know until you've tried.

2. University of Texas
We believe we've just pissed off people from both schools with this unholy union.

1. The University of Southern Cal
We just hope this doesn't mean Tommy Trojan galloping around Robertson Stadium.

Update: The unveiling has occurred. Good news: They took our advice and based the new logo on that of a storied football program. The bad news: It's Penn State.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.