UH Hires Developers for New $105 Million Football Stadium

Look at the University of Houston, acting all grown up and everything. They are so cute at that age.

UH, long suffering in grand old Robertson Stadium, particularly in recent years when the football team has been, you know, actually good, finally is moving forward on a much ballyhooed stadium plan and its first order of business was to hire Manhattan Construction to manage the project.

Manhattan not only built the Jerry Jones palace in Dallas (Palace in Dallas should be the name, by the way) and the cool new stadium in North Texas (their football team needed that?), they also built Reliant Stadium and the recently opened, totally swank new digs for the Dynamo, BBVA Compass Stadium.

No hyper-cool renderings or plastic models or LEGO structures or anything like that just yet, but UH Athletic Director Mack Rhoades is clearly excited.

"When you look at their résumé, especially in the state of Texas, Reliant Stadium, Cowboys Stadium, to me those are the two best in the NFL," he told KRIV-TV. "I think you can argue those are the two best athletics facilities in the entire country. What they did here with BBVA (Compass Stadium) recently and then what they did up in Denton, the North Texas Stadium, just a tremendous résumé."

The stadium will be built where Robertson is currently located, on the north side of the UH campus. It will hold 40,000 spectators, a good number for UH, but can be expanded to 60,000. Tailgating around UH, particularly the last few years as the team was having success on the field, had grown fairly substantial on game day. ESPN even brought its wildly popular Game Day program to the UH campus this past season, a signal that things are changing for the largely commuter school.

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