Uh-Oh: George Bush Park Is (Sorta) on Fire (UPDATED)

This photo, taken from a local resident's front yard, shows a smoky fire in George Bush Park on the far west side.

The Houston Fire Department does report "a grass fire" and sent a unit out at 4:31 p.m. UPDATE: 22 units have been sent out, HFD says (see end of item).

It doesn't sound too bad, so no need to panic. But it is a reminder to remember fire-safety rules in these dry, dry times.

Another view, from the Flickr stream of decklid18:

The HFD statement:

A fire at George Bush Park off the 16700 block of Westheimer Parkway was reported at 3:17 p.m. this afternoon, September 13, 2011. Houston Fire Department Engine 86 arrived first at 3:26 p.m. finding a grass fire which appears to have started near the roadway. It has progressed into the wooded area and is spreading.

At this time the Houston Fire Department has 22 pieces of equipment and nearly 60 personnel committed to the fire. Several grass/brush trucks and dozers have been deployed from nearby mutual aid fire departments such as CyFair, West I-10 and Community Volunteer Fire Departments. No injuries have been reported and no evacuation has been ordered. We are in the progress of conducting an aerial recon with the assistance of a Houston Police Department helicopter. The fire is traveling north-northeast and being pushed by the wind.

Update: For a while HFD thought a nearby apartment complex might need to be evacuated, but they got the fire under control without it being necessary. They eventually had about 50 pieces of equipment on the scene.

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