Uh-Oh, O'Reilly: Racial Discrimination?

The Houston portion of the auto-parts chain O'Reilly's is in trouble.

The local office of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced today they've filed a discrimination suit against the retailer, saying African-American employees at a Houston plant were subjected to "racial slurs by co-workers, and even managers, on a routine basis."

The employees worked at the O'Reilly Distribution Center near Hobby Airport.

"Employees complained about being called 'blackie,' 'n___' and 'mayate,' but even a complaint to O'Reilly's corporate headquaters...failed to stop the harassment," the EEOC said in a statement.

(We're assuming "n___" is a bad word, and not "neat-o.")

Black employees were also denied promotions, the EEOC claims.

"Under the law, workers have the freedom to compete for promotions free of discrimination," says EEOC regional attorney Jim Sacher, in what should be a pretty obvious declaration (although maybe not to O'Reilly).

O'Reilly has stores in 23 states and touts itself as a leader in the car-parts retail industry. The company hasn't yet responded to a request from Hair Balls for comment, but maybe they think we're black. (Just kidding, O'Reilly -- lighten up, cracker!)

-- Richard Connelly

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