Uh-Oh, Royce White May Have Knocked Up Another Groupie #BeWell

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The NBA's D-League's playoffs begin this week and, for interested Rocket fans, just know that your Rio Grande Vipers are taking on a bunch of things called the Maine Red Claws (presumably with Mr. Krabs as their mascot). Barring a last-minute wager (Can you wager on the D-League?), the extent of my interest in those playoffs will be reduced to whatever "final score" tweets might meander across my Twitter timeline.

One thing would have made me "non-wagering interested" in the D-League playoffs, and that is Royce White's participation in them. Predictably, that is not happening, per this story from Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle:

Rockets rookie Royce White will not play in the D-League postseason, an individual with knowledge of the decision said Tuesday. He would did not elaborate about as to why White will be unavailable. White had said via Twitter that he would finish the Vipers' regular season but not play in the postseason. Days later, Rockets general manager Daryl Morey said that had not been decided but would be evaluated after the Vipers' regular season. Morey would not comment about the decision on Tuesday.

So there you have it, the latest chapter in Royce White's book about marching to the beat of his own self-concocted rulebook, where every chapter ends the same way -- with Royce's hashtagging "#BeWell" and with the Rockets' offering up no comment.

Now comes the legitimate concern for the Rockets, and probably more so for Royce's three (possibly four, more on this in a second) baby mamas -- what will Royce do with all of his free time?

As best we can tell from the footage of Royce in his early stages after reporting to the D-League a month or so ago, where he he looked like a parade float version of the Royce White we saw at Iowa State last March, there will definitely be some eating on his agenda. Tex-Mex, barbecue, probably some deep-dish pizza.

"Comfort food," I believe they call it.

But if you think he won't be doing anything physical or cardiovascular during his time off, think again. Unprotected sex (and its pleasurable calorie burn) will always be a part of Royce White's regimen. It was before he got to the D-League, and according to the latest alleged "Roycette" to come forth, it was while he was in the D-League as well.

From balleralert.com (a Web site that proclaims it's "For Women Who Want The Ballerific Life"...because those women have apparently been clamoring for a Web site to call their own for years now), here is an e-mail from an alleged Royce White skank groupie fuck buddy friend with benefits acquaintance that was sent to a column/blog called "Baller Mail" (e-mail for aspiring ballers, apparently; my comments are interspersed throughout):

Im writing you because I'm very frustrated. I didn't want to speak up but at this point enough is enough.

I met royce white back in January in LA on a set for a video blog we shot for a charity organization. Instantly the chemistry was there and we hung out in la (he was there for the Dr Phil taping). We kept in contact, we would text each other EVERYDAY, face time, all that and we called each other best friends.

SP: Good to see that at the height of his unexcused hiatus from the Rockets in January, not only was Royce White off in Hollywood filming episodes of Dr. Phil, but he was also porking chicks that he met on the set of a video blog. The most believable part of those two paragraphs: that they would text each other "EVERYDAY." If Royce White has shown himself to be proficient in any one area (other than a near nuclear degree of fertility), it is his ability to fire off short thoughts from his handheld device (see: Twitter rampages). Continuing....

I visited royce in Houston for all star weekend and down in McAllen while he was playing for the D League. I even hit the road with him in his RV as we traveled across the country to his away games while he was with the Vipers.

SP: This woman either had a) a very understanding employer or b) a lot of free time on her hands. Also, nice to see Royce using the Rockets-subsidized RV as some sort of mobile "skank wagon." Would it be out of line for a few of Royce's Rocket teammates to haze him by covering the back of the RV in bumper stickers that say, "If this RV is a rockin', don't come a knockin'"? Or would this hurt Royce's feelings? Continuing....

I was even with him when news broke out that he had multiple women pregnant. He was very upset when your blog put that article out. It affected his anxiety tremendously.

SP: [figuatively patting her on the head]....yeah, I'm sure it did....

the last encounter royce and I had, I became pregnant and I found out shortly after my last visit with him.

SP: [slapping my head in sarcastic shock] YA DON'T SAY?!? My favorite wording so far, by the way: "I became pregnant." As if her pregnancy is something that just sort of evolved, like becoming overweight or becoming depressed. I'm fairly certain conception is a bit more sudden and finite than that. Continuing....

He has blocked me on twitter and stopped answering my calls and texts. Royce white did a complete 180 and now I don't exist to him but I'm left with this difficult situation at hand to handle on my own.

SP: This is no way for BEST FRIENDS to treat one another, Royce!!

I will hoe ever (sic, I think) defend myself and say i am not like those other girls...

SP: No, you're EXACTLY like those other girls....

...we were friends before anything...


...and I'm hurt and confused as to why I am now being treated like this. I'm not here to bash royce. He was a nice guy. He is just going about this the wrong way. U can't turn your back to this

SP: Tell that to Baby Mamas One thru Three, sweety....

I have attached us and the RV he rides in to verify my story

Okay, and we have those pictures to (I guess) prove that, at the very least, this chick knew Royce White and spent time with him. No proof obviously of a pregnancy other than educated conjecture based on the fact that Royce White seems to impregnate any fertile woman that comes within breathing distance of him.

For his part, Royce White actually retweeted an aggregated link to this "fourth baby mama" story on his Twitter feed yesterday:

No denial from Royce White, just the usual wish for all of us to #BeWell.

#BeWell, indeed.

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