UH Prof, Mia Farrow Tour Third World

Jody Williams, a professor at UH's Graduate College of Social Work, is having quite the summer.

She's touring Thailand, Ethiopia, Sudan and Chad (one luxurious resort after the other!) as part of a Nobel Women's Initiative peace delegation.

Thanks to heavy support work by people at UH, the delegation -- which includes actress Mia Farrow -- is touring so that it "can hear and relay the messages of women’s groups on the ground, promoting messages and ideas about human rights and peace-building in the regions."

Williams and others are blogging about the mission.

Those behind the project have been quick to praise UH's effort in it, as an e-mail from the trip shows:

Indeed, it is our staff at the GCSW, thousands of miles away, who are making sure our voices are heard from these remote regions. Each day they are busily uploading our messages, photos and video to the website, so please take a few minutes over the next few weeks to check it out and follow the delegation's progress as we try to find a way to shine the light on women's human rights not only in Burma and Darfur, but around the world.

So check it out.

-- Richard Connelly

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