Case Keenum: Info is on a need-to-know basis

UH Seems A Little Testy With The Reporting On Case Keenum

UH's Heisman trophy candidate, quarterback Case Keenum, suffered an injury in Friday night's victory against UTEP.

What kind of injury? How bad? When will he be back? UH doesn't seem to want you to know.

The Houston Chronicle's Cougar beat writer, Steve Campbell, may have gotten a little too aggressive in trying to find the answers.

Campbell tells Hair Balls (we asked him, he didn't initiate things) that he's "gone through channels to request the information," which we presume is an Open Records Act request.

UH's reaction: Not pretty, if today's press conference was any indication.

Head coach Kevin Sumlin was scheduled to meet with the media today, but he barely spoke, one attendee said. Reporters then saw Campbell and UH's sports information director involved in what seemed to be a not overly friendly conversation.

"Kevin Sumlin was not in a good mood at today's press conference, but I can't tell you for sure why that was. There have been press conferences in the past where he was not in a good mood, so it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with me," Campbell e-mailed us. We then asked about the tete-a-tete, but he didn't reply.

Anyway, kudos to Campbell for doing his job. And Keenum appears to be day-to-day, and as every old-school SportsCenter watcher knows, the only proper answer to that is "Aren't we all?"

Update -- More from Campbell:

We had a discussion that was totally professional in nature. It's safe to say we disagree on this issue, but it was an amicable, courteous conversation. I ask University people questions all the time, so it's certainly fair if they question me. Heck, they even get to disagree with me. That's fair game.

I'm basically trying to get at the process of how a school examines and evaluates an athlete who has suffered that type of injury. My presumption would be that it's a pretty rigorous, well-thought out process. But I'm not supposed to just make assumptions, so I'm attempting to gather the facts. I don't have any dog in the hunt in terms of UH's timetable for letting the world know if Case Keenum plays on Saturday, or when he'll play again. If UH wants to play that close to the vest, well, it certainly wouldn't be the first school to do that. I was just trying to gather information that would show the steps the school takes in making a decision. Again, my guess would be that it's a rigorous and well-thought process. But it's not my job to guess.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.