UH Student Fakes Her Own Kidnapping

A student who was found bound and gagged in a bathroom at the University of Houston Law Center earlier this week and claimed she was kidnapped was apparently not actually kidnapped, according to the Above the Law

In an email obtained by the legal blog, the dean of the law school assured students there was no abduction or crime, said the student "was experiencing a personal crisis," and that "the matter has been closed."

The note came after campus police responded to reports that a woman was bound and gagged in a bathroom near the law school's library on Monday evening. According to Above the Law, "she claimed that several masked men kidnapped her and later dumped her at the law school, but she had no recollection of the events that occurred in between. Soon after, it was discovered that [the student] made the whole thing up."

In an email to the Houston Press, University of Houston Police spokesman Lt. Brett Collier said the student was "dealing with difficult personal issues and was having a mental health crisis." Collier said the student said she had been abducted but later recanted that claim as investigators "definitively verified" that the kidnapping did not occur, and police took steps to see that the student received "appropriate help." 

For UH students who may need help dealing with personal or mental health issues, Collier said to check out the resources available at the school's department of Counseling and Psychological Services

*Correction 11/23/15: Due to an editing error, the original headline on this article erroneously stated the woman was a student at the UH Law Center. The Press regrets the error. 

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.