UH Student Senate Supports Gays in the "Family Values Centers" Budget Fight

The student senate at the University of Houston has decided that even if some Aggies are wailing about "unchaste" gay sex, UH students oppose the bill mandating "Family Values" Centers on any Texas campuses that have gay resource groups.

(Maybe the Coogs just don't understand that gay students have gay sex. It's part of being gay. And gay sex is just nothing but dirty and unholy and un-family-values-y.)

The resolution passed by the student senate says the proposal to require family-values centers would "create a competition for the limited amount of funds available, and lead to the eventual demise of government funded LGBT centers."

the Student Government Association of the University of Houston will take steps to ensure that diversity is forever a part of the University of Houston's culture;

AND any amendment refusing to respect the University of Houston's diverse student population or threatens diversity will be met with opposition...;

AND this body strongly encourages the Texas Legislature to remove the "Funding of Student Centers for Family and Traditional Values" budget amendment;

AND that the Texas Governor veto the "Funding of Student Centers for Family and Traditional Values" budget amendment, or should it pass the Senate guarantee that the implementation of this amendment will not jeopardize future and current funding of all LGBT centers

Well, lots of luck with that last one, Coogs.

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Richard Connelly
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