UH Wins Gowalla Challenge, $10K

Gowalla is the Avis to Foursquare's Hertz when it comes to apps that tell everyone where you are, because Lord knows everyone needs to know that.

In a bid for publicity, they had a contest to see which college could drum up the most check-ins during a given time period.

The contest is ended and the winner is: the University of Houston.

"Congratulations to the University of Houston for racking up the most check-ins and securing a crisp $10,000 check for their general scholarship fund," Gowalla announced. (That check better be crisp!!)

Second place went to UT, third to Baylor and sixth to A&M.

Other schools weeping in shame over having lost to the Coogs include the University of Hawaii, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Florida.

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Richard Connelly
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