UH's Renu Khator Is Really Ready For Her Close-Up

As a UH alum, we naturally read the alumni magazine that comes out every few months.

The last issue was the first since Renu Khator had been announced as the new head of UH, so we didn't think it too odd that there were a lot of pictures of Khator in it. Cougars needed to see her in many different poses and situations, we guessed, because...well, our thought process didn't go much beyond that.

But the new edition of the alumni magazine has arrived, and once again it is full of Khator.

Page 2 -- A smiling posed shot.

Page 3 -- Standing with the Board of Regents.

Page 4 -- A different smiling posed shot, taking up half the page.

Page 5 -- Speaking in front of a large class of students.

Amazingly, there is then an eight-page break from Khator pictures.

Page 13 -- A smiling posed picture.

Page 15 -- That same smiling posed picture, used for the third time.

Page 18 -- Wielding a shovel at a ground-breaking.

Somehow, the remaining 10 pages are Khator-free. Someone's going to get fired!

-- Richard Connelly

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