Um, So I Forgot Matt Dillon. And That Is Unforgivable.

I’ve gotten some very nice feedback from readers, friends and acquaintances on

Wednesday’s MPR post

regarding the greatest movie of all time, “The Outsiders.”

But I’ve also gotten reprimanded.

And deservedly so.

Because as I was going through the cast o’ hotties, I somehow forgot to mention the hottiest hottie of all.

Matt Dillon as the doomed Dallas Winston.

When I got home from work on Wednesday, I got a phone call from my gal pal Tamarie.

“Hey, wasn’t MATT DILLON in `The Outsiders’?” Her voice held the sting of the denied. It held the anger that her fellow 80s lady could forget perhaps one of the yummiest 80s studs of all. In addition to Tam’s reminder, I got several e-mails and reminders from Dillon fans across the web.

Sure, I alluded to Matt by titling the post after his famous line: “Let’s do it for Johnny!” (On a side note: It’s up there with my other favorite 80s movie lines: “I want my two dollars!” from “Better off Dead” and “I loathe the bus.” from “Sixteen Candles.”)

But referencing his line simply isn’t the same as giving Matt his due by listing him in the roll call of “Outsiders” foxes who graced the silver screen back in `83.

So here it is. For all you Dillon lovers, a moment in cyber print to honor Matt Dillon because:

• He was so delish in “Little Darlings” but so young that now I can’t watch that without feeling pervy.

• When he opens the door to Buck Merrill’s place in “The Outsiders” and scratches his chest it’s so ohmigawd.

• He was straight up genius dope in “Rumble Fish” even though all these people say they don’t “get” that movie – sorry but what is there to get? Other than the fact that Dillon was awesome in it and he looks even cuter in black and white.

• He went hilariously against type in “Singles” as dumb / tortured artiste Cliff Poncier. (Honestly, what hipster lady of a certain age didn’t date someone like Cliff in the early to mid 90s? I know this hipster lady did.)

• And he actually managed to look ugly and kinda make you hate him (but in a good, ridiculous way) in “There’s Something About Mary.”

• Not to mention “To Die For,” “Wild Things” and “Crash,” among many others.

So there. I hope this makes up for the fact that I forgot Matt Dillon, although I certainly understand if it won’t. To be honest, I can’t even figure out how I forgot to list him originally, other than the fact that I was imagining myself as a 17-year-old Kristy McNichol while I was typing that day.

Dang. Now that really sounds pervy. – Jennifer Mathieu

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.