Undercover Narc Nails Big Bust At Rural High School

West Columbia is about 45 miles southwest of here; don't feel too bad if you haven't heard of it. The Brazoria County town has about 4,300 residents, 16 of whom are facing drug charges after an undercover operation in the local high school.

A school-district cop went undercover at the school in January, posing as a student, the Brazosport Facts reports. Details are unavailable as to which guise he took -- full-on stoner, emo kid, goth wanna-be -- but he gathered enough evidence to bring down the hammer today.

Starting at about 9:30 a.m., 16 kids were taken out of class and into police custody, which is never pleasant.

Police say the students had a full-fledged drug ring, with the Facts reporting that the items for sale included Xanax, hydrododone, vicodin, marijuana and cocaine. (Which of these things doesn't fit with the rest?)

Teachers were unaware the new student was actually a cop (Again, we don't know if he was a devilishly handsome 21 Jump Street type or not, breaking teens hearts while fighting for justice).

Higher-ups such as the principal were informed of the operation, however.

Five of those arrested were adults; 11 were younger.

The price of drugs in West Columbia, we assume, just got a lot higher.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.