Undertaker's 18-0 Wrestlemania Record -- The Definitive Anthology (with VIDEO)

Yeah, it's Final Four weekend in Houston. We're all very excited. But a little secret (that's not very well kept) -- for me, the Saturday and Monday games are a mere buffer surrounding Wrestlemania Sunday, baby!

This year is special because Houston's very own Undertaker (real name Mark Calloway, Waltrip High School, class of 1983) tries to do what the New England Patriots couldn't do, and that is go 19-0.

19-0 at Wrestlemania, that is.

The Undertaker's 18-0 Mania undefeated streak has taken on a life of its own. I don't exactly remember when the WWE started marketing his annually defending it as part of the Wrestlemania experience, or if they even meant for it to evolve to this point. Whatever the case, this year it's Triple H's (0-1 in Wrestlemania matches with the Undertaker) turn to give it a go.

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