Unidentified Woman, Bayou Body Count No. 39

Who knows, maybe Michael Bryant could've gotten away with it.

He stashed the body under water, not an awful move, and then he could've just walked away.

But no. He had to go and turn himself in.

Good job ... seriously.

At about 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Bryant and his brother drove over to the Houston Police Northwest Substation. While Bryant waited in the car, authorities say, his brother walked inside and told the officer at the front desk that Bryant had killed his girlfriend and dumped the body in Cypress Creek.

Officers ran outside and immediately took Bryant, 26, into custody and then called the Harris County Sheriff's Office, which patrols the area around the creek. Later that night, deputies with dogs went out to the 500 block of Cypress Station to search through the woods along the south bank of Cypress Creek. There they found drag marks leading toward the river's edge.

The Marine Division was called out to the scene and found a girl's body at about 4:20 a.m. She is 27 but her name is being withheld, authorities say.

Bryant has been charged with murder.

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